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​​​Enjoy a unique cultural learning experience through our expert drumming, dance and wellbeing-focussed workshops; all structured for different age groups, with the aim to develop pupils' experience of music and dance from around the world, and also increase a sense of wellbeing through social and emotional development. 

Interactive assemblies can also form part of a bespoke package for your school, and really bring your whole school alive with the sound of drumming. We also offer bespoke global dance workshops to really energise  children. 

​​Drumming workshops​ include;

  • live drumming

  • tuition on technique and musical traditions

  • participation in drumming with the use of "djembes", other hand drums and percussion instruments

  • powerful singing and chanting in different languages 

​A popular ending to our sessions is with a performance, where children can demonstrate fun new skills in an assembly to parents/carers or other year groups. This is a great way to celebrate new creative talent and to feel a real sense of both individual and group achievement.  

We work closely with all our clients to carefully devise a high-quality, tailor-made package of workshops to meet all requirements. Jude, our lead-facilitator, has worked in education as a Teacher and a Behaviour Specialist for over fifteen years, and transfers skills from these roles when bringing drumming into schools. Our workshops are without a doubt unique and offer a rare insight into musical cultures from around the world.     

​All our workshop facilitators have been awarded full and

up-to-date DBS certificates. 

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Our wellbeing-focussed workshops for schools include:


- Stretchy Bendy Yoga for Schools (for all age groups/mats and accessories supplied)


- Gong Experience & Sound Exploration (for all age groups/all mats and blankets supplied) 


- Mindfulness Exploration (all resources supplied)   

If you would like to receive our latest school brochure through email or via post, contact us on our contact page here. You can also view our brochure by clicking the link above. 

Our brochure covers cultural learning for Early Years, KS1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Our specialist workshops for all age groups include :

  • African drumming 

  • African dance

  • Samba drumming 

  • Samba dance 

  • Indian dhol drumming 

  • Bhangra dance

  • Junk percussion 

  • Special Brazilian carnival days with music, dance & colourful crafts

Any of these workshops can be combined with others from above, to give your students a deeper experience of group drumming and dance. Why not try any of these combinations: 

  • African drumming & dance with a performance 

  • Samba drumming & samba dance with a performance

  • A special wellbeing day with music in the morning and wellbeing-focussed workshops for relaxation during the afternoon.  

We can tailor your musical/wellbeing day to suit your needs and budget. Please do get in touch through our contact page by clicking here, or call us on 07768789668 for an informal chat about what you're looking for. 

We'd love to hear from you. 

The BeatFeet Team 

Creative Director - Jude Winwood 


BeatFeet was founded by Jude Winwood, a teacher with over fifteen years teaching experience in the UK and overseas. Having been awarded a Masters in Ethnomusicology and Performance from The University of Central London (SOAS), Jude and her team draw on her knowledge and experience to deliver award winning drumming and rhythm workshops all over the UK. 

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